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This is a trip using Globus - April 24th-May 3rd Swiss Santional

FL (2).jpg

This will be a 20-day experience with 4-day pre-excursions on Hanlo-Bay and 16 days in Vietnam - Cambodia and the Mekong - Dec. 6th - DEc. 24th


It will be to Greece and her Islands! Stay tuned for more details


This is a 20 day journey like no other. We will be exploring Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Quito, Galapagos and the Amazon - May 20th - June 7th 2025

Here is all of the information concerning this fantastic trip. I spent over a month creating this custom luxury trip. We hope you can join us.

You will also find a revised cost sheet and a link to today's presentation.

A Day On Board The Galapagos Legend with Rainforest Cruises - YouTube

Machu Picchu 101 - National Geographic - YouTube

 La Selva Amazon Eco-lodge & Spa - YouTube


Dec. 2026 Scenic - Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Island Expedition and Experience 

We plan to continue our discovery of this Seventh Continent and the many hidden wonders found in the many regions. Once again, Scenic Ecplise will be the vehicle of choice. Stayed tuned later next year for more details 

Soon, one of the senior principals from Scenic will be our guest speaker at an upcoming meeting. I can promise you that you will be both delighted and amazed by the opportunity Scenic and her sister company, Emerald, have to offer you beyond Antarctica.

The picture below is of the King Penguins, which stand almost 4' tall.

se_King_Penguin_South_Georgia (2).jpg
Edge New Zealand.JPG

Dec. 2025 Celebrity Edge from Sydney to New Zealand

Many of you responded to our survey with a desire to visit both Australia and New Zealand. We here is your chance. Several members of our club with doing just that from early Dec 2025- Early Jan 2026.

It will be a combined land journey visiting the South Eastern portions of Australia, (Melbourn - Tazmania) and then back to Sydney to catch our ship for our adventure to New Zealand.

Rocky Mountaineer.JPG

Rocky Mountaineer

Is now finalized, click the clink below. the Sept. 19th 2025 Rocky Mountaineer trip from Vancouver - Calgary.


Join Fellow Solo Cruiser for a 9-day Greek Island cruise the Emerald's Azzurra luxury yacht on Oct 10th, 2025

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